Do It For
Dolly Day

Do It For Dolly Day is held on Friday 10 May 2024 and we're calling on you to help make Dolly's own dream a reality.

Do It For Dolly Day is about bringing the community together to celebrate kindness and unite in taking a stand against bullying.

“By coming together and getting behind the cause, people will encourage their mates to do the same and, before long, everyone will feel brave enough to speak out against bullying,” says Dolly’s father, Tick Everett.

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Getting involved is as simple as

Go blue

Dress or decorate in blue, Dolly's favourite colour.

Be kind

To everyone and everything you see, a little kindness goes a long way.


Help support anti-bullying initiatives and programs that provide vital education to our kids and communities about bullying prevention.

This year, do it for Dolly and help create a safe and kinder world for Australia's kids and communities. #DoItForDollyDay #BeKind

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Our Do It For Dolly Day campaign partners

Inspiring Fundraiser

Arnhem Earthmoving and Mechanical get involved with Do It For Dolly Day every year.

In 2019, they had around 25 employees take part in various locations including remote parts of the Northern Territory.

All employees wore a new blue hi-vis shirts and Dolly’s Dream caps. They held a bbq celebration and staff chipped in a few dollars each. In 2020, they again held a couple of bbqs with their staff. The supervisors and management talked to their teams about Do It For Dolly Day, kindness, mental health awareness and just looking out for each other.

Team member Jodie explains, “We are one big family so it’s great to take the time to thank each other and just acknowledge those around us. Everyone really took part in the day, it raised so many smiles and really made us all stop and think about how we can treat each other that bit more kindly. Most of the crew that were here last year wear their Dolly’s Dream shirts on Fridays as a reminder to be kind. It really does change the mood in the place to a brighter, happier one.”

Through their Do It For Dolly Day activities, Arnhem Earthmoving and Mechanical has raised over $6,000 for Dolly’s Dream!

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