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By Ree And Kohbi Barrow Join Me

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page and helping to create a kinder and safer world for Australia's kids and communities with Dolly's Dream!

Your donation will help raise much-needed funds for Dolly's Dream and support their anti-bullying initiatives and programs that are helping to empower and educate our community about the power of kindness and bullying prevention.

You can sponsor me and leave a message by clicking the donate button above.

Together we can make Dolly's dream a reality.

Edstart Expansion to the Coffee Lid Project

I won $1500.00 from Edstart for my Coffee Lid Project.

Next event:  7 December – exactly the same as 7 August; however;

I'm expanding it the following way:

Coffee Lid Postcard Project – Pilbara kids who have taken photos of their “happy place”

We would then some local photographers to vote on their favourite three photos for three, one picture postcards and then we will place all other entries on three other postcards.  We are then selling the postcards .

We are using the winners photo as a sticker as well to go with coffee lid stickers, from each Pilbara town (Hedland, Tom Price, Karratha, Newman, Roebourne and Paraburdoo and Community Schools; including School of the Air)

We will liaise with the local paper for a story, prior to the event.

We are sending competition details to all Hedland Schools and offer each Pilbara area a chance to enter and have their children’s photos on stickers on coffee lids/cups too, to make it as inclusive as possible.

There would be no cost to Kohbi as he is using money from grant.  So, 100% profit.

We are also grateful to announce that the Cowboy's Leagues Club will be involved as well and in 2022 we are hoping to have more NRL and AFL League's Club joining in.  We are trying to do this for December 7th so we will keep you updated.

Kindness and Thanks


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My Updates


Saturday 30th Oct

Invite I'm sending to Pilbara Schools

Saturday 30th Oct
Please see details in picture.

Kindness and Thanks Kohbi

A very big thank you to Levi, for kickstarting my fundraising. I am so happy.

Saturday 30th Oct
Hi Levi,

I'm finishing this off tomorrow.

Kindness and Thanks

Thank you to my Sponsors



A great cause to get behind. You are an inspiration Kohbi! You should be proud of your achievements and contributions. Best of luck!


Levi Schulz

Keep up the great work champion 👍


Tom Pike

Hope you have a great night. Amber would of loved a pizza .


Blair Mcglew

Keep up this great work, Kohbi. You are an inspiration to us all, mate.


Anne Manssour

Keep up the amazing work!


Kim Scully

Love your stickers, really good idea!


Ree And Kohbi Barrow

So proud to know how much work you do for these events and you've only just turned 12.


Jamie Barrow

Hey buddy it’s your uncle Jamie here just giving you a nice donation for your awesome work you been doing keep it up buddy ✌️


Chantelle Thom

Wow great job Kohbi, you are really making a difference to kids lives. Well done!


Dale Ireland


Chelsea Hilton

Sorry to hear that you have had to experience bullying but well done for turning that into something positive that benefits others. You are an inspiration Kohbi!!


Liz Howlett

Hey Kohbi I read an article about you and what you have been up to. You are an amazing young man. Keep up the great work, Liz 😀


Aurelie Jonquet

Good on you guys for stepping up for this important cause...!




Nanny Barrow

So proud of you grandson