In memory of Emma Natasha Falconer

By Kirsty Cordingley Join Me

Emma Natasha Falconer born 1 November 2002 and lived in Tiwi in the Northern Territory.  Emma was my niece the daughter of my younger brother.

On 2 April 2018 (Easter Monday 2018) our lives were changed forever when we woke to the horrific news that Emma had taken her life.  

Emma's death wasn't long after Dolly's and the girls were both Northern Territorians.  Strong, resilient, beautiful and ultimately struggling.  But to us she was just our beautiful Emma.  

Emma had her own demons which we came to realise when it was too late.  Social media, friendships and sadness.  If only we knew how much she was actually going through.  

On 2 April 2018 our lives changed forever.  I watched my brother, his partner, my nephew (then doing his HSC) my parents, my sister, and most importantly myself and my husband and our 5 children struggle with the death of this most perfect 15 year old.  The grief that we have experienced as a family is horrendous and with time makes us miss her more and more.  

I want young people to know that there is always someone to talk too, whether it be a friend, or relative or a professional, help is available.  Talking about your feelings isn't a weakness but a sign of bravery.