Your Community

By Marilena Bradley

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page and helping to create a kinder and safer world for Australia's kids and communities with Dolly's Dream!

As a mother of 3 young children, I understand the reality of an active online and digital presence. I try my best to have those difficult conversations about 'what's happening' and 'what are they doing' and 'what is being done to them'. 

We all want our children to grow up in a safe physical and online environment. 

Your donation will help raise much-needed funds for Dolly's Dream and support their anti-bullying initiatives and programs that are helping to empower and educate our community about the power of kindness and bullying prevention.

I would love for you to attend a get together; where we can celebrate the life of our children. To remember those who have taken their life because of bullying. To continue to help our children find their way. 

#DoItForDolly #bekind

Thank you to my Sponsors